what: a book of photographs


What (what the world wears) presents the photographs of some laundry, buildings, playground equipment, etc  as a hands on interactive book, launched summer of 2017 at Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain (PFOAC), and available for purchase here.  45 pages, 17 colour photographs, 1 insert, and a removable band of negatives. One of the few (only?!) photo books where the reader has to remove images as the first step in looking.  To more intimately include and engage the reader the book includes brand new additional images,  including the photo of the globe; the photographs of the entire archive of colour negatives, as well as the overview or 'long shot' composite of the entire corpus.  The book also includes the backstory of the making of the images, told in the middle of the book as a footnote and at the end in an acknowledgement in the afterword.


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