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Bill Gates, Little Boy Blue lamp, some snacks and my passport and wallet.

Photograph and text introducing the idea of an economy of art. First of three parts.

In the latest issue of InFlux Journal of Media Art, December 2017.



what: a book of photographs


What (what the world wears) presents the photographs of some laundry, buildings, playground equipment, etc  as a hands on interactive book, launched summer of 2017 at Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain (PFOAC), and available for purchase here.  45 pages, 17 colour photographs, 1 insert, and a removable band of negatives. One of the few (only?!) photo books where the reader has to remove images as the first step in looking.  To more intimately include and engage the reader the book includes brand new additional images,  including the photo of the globe; the photographs of the entire archive of colour negatives, as well as the overview or 'long shot' composite of the entire corpus.  The book also includes the backstory of the making of the images, told in the middle of the book as a footnote and at the end in an acknowledgement in the afterword.


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100 Flowers at Hotel Bromont


Originally a set of postcards of roses photographed late one fall a few years back in Parc des Corroyeurs, St Henri, Montreal (following Mao's famous slogan and book Let a 100 Flowers Bloom). The images (60 in total) were installed as a permanent installation in Hotel Bromont, in the town of Bromont, Quebec in the summer of 2017. The images are a modular repetition of 8 primary images distributed in pairs where no two combinations are the same, installed throughout the new wing addition of 24 suites of rooms and additional dining areas.  Oh these are all for us, said the chambermaid who helped install the works. 



Facebook call & response


The first of a number of call and response mobile pop up events. These are on-going. This was a shoutout on facebook to suggest colours to find within a 24 hour span in Kyoto, Japan, which were then lassoed and made into postcards.



the little dictator


Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, 2011,  a project booth loosely based on the anti-facscist satire of the film the Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin. As part of a set of watercolours initially developed as Cat and Lego Guy on Drink and Draw Montreal, the project presents a small group of characters: a little dictator, a witness (a cat), an accountant (who's invisible), and a lottery manager, raconteur & photographer (the artist). As luck would have it, this all took place in the main plaza in front of the mayors office during the tenure of Rob Ford, the notorious mayor of Toronto.  Unexpected, but perhaps not too surprising, many members of the public earnestly rung the artist's hand. The banner lived on after the event, including a series of studio workshops on tyrany (liberation), color and ornament to McGill University Architecture students.


modernist document — Petra Mueller-6-1.jpg

" In their approach to the photographic document, Moyra Davey, Stan Douglas, Charles Gagnon, Petra Mueller, and Catherine Opie explore the material and perceptual limits of media while engaging representational modalities constituting the differentiated and conflicting social spaces of the city, domestic interior and nature.

— Nancy Shaw, guest curator, in the catalogue essay to the exhibiton at the Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Montreal, 1999, as part of Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal

Photographs by Petra Mueller. Text by the Quebec playwright Larry Tremblay.

Editorial direction by France Choiniére, director of Dazibao, centre de photographies actuelles, Montreal, 1999. 

"Un espace ouvert au croisement des genres, un lieu de rencontre ou photographie et ecrtiture composent une meme ouvre a double entree."
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Les 17 photographies de Petra Mueller présentent des routes, des stations de métro où les gens vont, viennent, passent et peut-être changent au gré des jours et des élans. ... Tout passe, tout est mouvement et rien ne peut arrêter cette course contre la montre.

— Yvon Paré, Lettres québécoises : la revue de l'actualité littéraire , n° 96, 1999, p. 30-31

Ciel variable 42 - AUTHENTICITY 3 Photography & text by Petra Mueller

Montreal. Russia. Finland.

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presented in Montreal in the most recent Manifestation internationale de vidéo et d’ art électronique

and selected by Interaccess and Studio XX, two Internet sites devoted to contemporary art.