These projects are about objects.  It may be helpful to say that what I mean by object is a noun, in the sense of a noun as tangible and available to our sense of touch, like stones, playground equipment, negatives, and iphone, as well as things that are more ephemeral and not as directly available to touch, nouns like risk, algorithm, or even field, or landscape.   Sometimes I've found it helpful to say that my work is about landscape , in the double sense that objects exist in landscape, and we are also landscape. When speaking visually this is more contentious even than the idea of object as noun.  In the field of photography to say that a work is about landscape seems to mean a picture of scenery, preferably no objects, and few people. This is a powerful notion, try it yourself on Google search or in a search of Instagram #landscape. It's a notion that's in our minds eye, mine as well.  Say landscape, and that's the image that pops up. In art, as in our mind's eye and photography, landscape is shorthand for a picture of scenery (no objects, few people); portrait a picture of people; still life a picture of objects. 

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