WHAT, artist's book 2017

This artist's photobook what by Petra Mueller is a contemporary remake of the iconic 1985 photobook The Pond by John Gossage, itself a remake of Henry Thoreau's classic Walden (Life in the Woods).  The images in What present a complex visual dialogue that begins on the edge of upper Hudson's Bay in the arctic, with a battered mechanical camera impervious to the -40C temperatures, five rolls of 120 colour film and a pool of images.  Aided by the unusual design of the book it's an intimate dialogue to the mind, heart and hand of the reader, starting with the band of images on the cover.


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what the world wears (#_4 billion years) by Petra Mueller

Limited edition artist's book, 100 copies.
Signed and numbered

Softcover, 5" H x 9" W with a removable band & a colour insert
46 pages.
18 color photographs
Photographs and text by Petra Mueller
Book design and layout by Petra Mueller
Printed by Caius du Livre, Montreal

ISBN 978-0-9959737-0-1


Vernissage: Sept 25, 2017 Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain, Montreal