100 Flowers

the peoples park

Opera à la Sauvette


100 flowers

100 Flowers is a suite of photographs taken in Parc des Corroyeurs — the Leather Tanners Park — Lachine Canal, Montreal (2010), and custom reassembled as an opera à la sauvette: in a set of postcards (2014); as a credit card (2015) and for a hotel, photographs for 24 chambers & 2 common areas, Hotel Bromont, Bromont, Quebec (2017).

The back story (pure experience) & what’s on the table now

Flowers: either a big deal, as in the closeup, of a still life image, or not so big a deal, as in landscapes, a dynamic usually expressed as a policing of genre (still life vs landscape). Happily in the photographs by landscape gardeners, especially those by the great English garden designer Gertrude Jekyll, all these niceties take a tumble.