Some laundry, buildings, playground equipment, etc is a suite of images taken in the village of Inukjuak, upper Hudson's Bay, Nunavik Quebec, over the span of a month in the dead of winter 2016. The images are made with a mechanical camera imperious to the extreme cold, and then digitally remastered.  It's a photographic engagement that attempts to present anew as part of the contemporary moment a landscape that most people on this planet have never been to, and yet feel they already know from images of the Arctic on Google search.  There's an accompanying artist's book called What.


The ornamented land. A body of work in the working stage,  that begins with  invitations in the summer of 2017 and March 2018 to go to Fogo Island, Nfld, although if truth be told, the urgency of the project goes back much farther, to questions on what's so important about getting our bearings (and loosing bearings) in a landscape with few guideposts, and few obvious landmarks, and scarce any people to see, and when it's not even our land so why would we bother.  The hint may lie in the role of stones in folk and fairy tales, which often aren't even stones, but crumbs, as in the tale of Hansel and Gretel, where Hansel leaves a trail of crumbs  so that they can find their way back to safety.


one hundred demons




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