Petra Mueller

Some recent projects

the Field, 2019


Feed the image. Feed the discourse. Can the idea of field (as the commons, as a field of images, as a slice of view, as algorithm and as landscape) be hijacked to create a new blossoming? A project first proposed in 2017 at an artists talk at Flux Media Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

Speakeasy, 2018 - 2019

Speakeasy, downtown Montreal. Project concept, design and artworks: Petra Mueller. Contractor: Entreprise Frederick Tessier. Client : Vincent Ma. Project status: current, in progress Instagram


100 Flowers


Photographs for 24 chambers & 2 common areas, Hotel Bromont, Bromont, Quebec, 2017 (Parc des Corroyeurs, Montreal, 2010)


4 billion years (Shield Bedrock, 2 billion years without oxygen, and 2 with) 2017, the Arctic, Version 2, Artist’s book

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4 billion

Version 2, Artist’s book, titled WHAT, launched at Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain, Montreal 2017


4 billion years (Shield Bedrock, 2 billion years without oxygen, and 2 with) 2016, the arctic, version 1


Version 1, Colour film. Four rolls of colour film shot during the course of one month in 2016 in mid-winter working up North, with a ratty old folding camera which while obsolete also has no electronics and can stay in the pocket for hours and not die of the cold, all images taken in the Inuit village of Inukjuak, upper Hudson’s bay, Quebec (the Arctic).


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